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    Remember that time when we had to wait for traders to return home from their journeys to the spice route in the East before we could indulge in exotic products? Neither do we. That’s why our lives are so much more exciting since we have the opportunity to experience all this exotic flavour right at Spice Route in Paarl.

    No, it’s not all about spices. It is, however, an exciting route to happiness. Because happiness is wine, biltong, artisan chocolate, beer, grappa, and some of the most beautiful views of Paarl’s mountains and vineyards.

    Spice Route Wines

    Spice Route as a destination is a little bit different from Spice Route Wines, which is the company that produces and distributes the wine itself. These wines see their origins in vineyards located in the towns of Darling and Malmesbury along the West Coast.  Charles Back, the mastermind behind these vineyards, was the first to explore these areas for their capacity to grow successful vines, and we feel like we speak for many when we say that he sure made a good decision.

    Spice Route Wines offers a range of exceptional wines including, amongst others, its widely acclaimed Chakalaka, its tropical Chenin Blanc and its unique red berry Pinotage Grenache.

    Life on the farm

    Since the actual vineyards for Spice Route Wines are located at the edge of the Atlantic, it may be quite the adventure taking a drive out and meeting up with some West Coast folk. If you’re up for a more festive experience in Paarl itself, take a drive out to Spice Route destination and enjoy an exciting day tasting wine, beer, biltong and chocolates. If you’re an art connoisseur, there’s even a gallery for you to visit. Take a picnic blanket, open that wine and enjoy the splendid views of the Simonsberg mountains.

    Buy Spice Route wines

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