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    It is time for you to stop feeling guilty. Time to pour that glass as if it’s the remedy for eternal youth, to sip at it as if it’s your daily apple and to grin with the knowledge that you’re doing your body good.

    Here are a couple of perks to drinking one glass of wine a day:

    Wine keeps your brain sharp

    Not so much while you’re in the process of drinking it of course. Much less so if you exceed the recommended daily allowance. But with a glass or two, your brain is sure to thank you for it later.

    One of the causes of cognitive decline is the inflammation of blood vessels. What wine is able to do without really trying too hard, is put a damper on this inflammation and prevent clots in the brain. With wine flowing freely with the blood through your brain, your memory is likely to maintain it virility well into your old age.

    Wine keeps you young

    Ah, youth. If only we could stay young forever. Wait. What? We can? How? Well, by drinking wine.

    We’ve all heard about the craze over antioxidants and their role in absorbing the (unwanted) free radicals in your body that cause the effects of ageing. Many have taken to Rooibos tea to cure them of ageing, though it has recently been proclaimed that red wine can do this for you too.

    Age gets better with wine it seems.

    The other reason why wine keeps you young is, of course, the fact that it puts a damper on stress. Our bodies suffer great trauma when we lead stressful lives and it is vital to continuously strive to maintain manageable stress levels. A glass of wine with dinner can help you do just that. Relax.

    Wine keeps your heart healthy

    Have you ever heard of something called “good cholesterol?” Our bodies need to maintain a certain level of this good cholesterol to protect the blood vessel lining in our hearts. Antioxidants in wine speed up the production of this good cholesterol, allowing for your heart to be well protected.

    Wine is classy

    In moderation, wine is a wonderful conversation starter. It is a classy drink to pair with an amazing meal. And it adds a beautifully decorative edge to a dinner table.  If that’s not a healthy edge, then we don’t know what is.

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