A Decent Bit of Refreshment

Near the end of 2014, we introduced the refreshing McGarry’s and have been overwhelmed by its positive reception.

Knowing that sparkling wine would be a necessity for Christmas and New Year celebrations, we figured “hey, why not produce a drink that is both sparkling and tasty and yet doesn’t leave you with that awful morning headache.”

We travelled back in time and reacquainted ourselves with the original McGarry and his ingenious ways. And so McGarry’s Bucks Fizz was born into the modern world! A blend of sparkling wine and orange juice. Perfect as a light drink on a blissful summer’s day!

Erasmus Wines, responsible for crafting this light, orange drink, works closely with the Fairtrade movement, which focuses on development and sustainability through trade. By adding the Fairtrade badge to its labels, Erasmus Wines eagerly supports this initiative, helping South Africa empower its local communities.

Working closely with Winefolk, Erasmus Wines is set to release quite a few more exciting, interesting, exclusive products over the next year. So keep your eyes peeled and your shoes on. You’ll be running for these drinks sooner than you think.