Juno Wines Rebranded to reflect Italian Influence

The Juno range of wines, produced by the Cape Wine Company, has undergone a complete rebranding of its logo and labels. The new logo and labels were designed by Cape Town based design agency, Jane Says.

“We wanted to give the brand a complete refresh,” says Victoria Peter, owner and Creative Director of Jane Says. “The Juno range salutes the Italian influence on South African food, wine and culture – and so we brought in elements of Roman mythology and old style opulence to fit this theme.”

The brand’s new logo depicts Juno, the queen of the Roman gods, who is described as the divine protectress and symbol of eternal youth. The label is an ode to the myth that defines Juno as one part fierce and one part compassion, along with the peacocks that are rumoured to have drawn her chariot.

The labels are predominantly white with accents of gold foiling and, along with the lids, are colour coded for each variety. The current Juno range includes a Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Shiraz and Shiraz-Mourvedre-Viognier blend.

The Cape Wine Company is an innovative wine producer with a passion for developing and marketing new products. Founded in 2010 by winemaker Erlank Erasmus, the company specialises in producing quality wines and non-alcoholic products that are sold locally and abroad. Cape Wine Company is Fairtrade and the Wine and Agricultural Ethical Trade Association (WIETA) certified, and aims to ensure that the local farming communities benefit through sustainability, equality and ethical trade.

The Juno range is available for purchase directly from our shop page : Winefolk/shop  Price varies per variety, starting at R55.

For more information about the Cape Wine Company, visit capewinecompany.co.za or www.facebook.com/CapeWineCompany.

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