Frequently asked questions

You are not stocking the wine I want. How do I get some?

Simply pop us a mail at We’ve got you.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery takes 3-5 working days if you are situated near a CBD and up to 7 days if you are situated in regional areas.

What are my tracking details?

You will receive an automated email with all the tracking details as soon as your order sets off on its journey.

Where/when do I enter my coupon code or gift card number?

You can enter your coupon code or gift card number on the cart page, after you’ve clicked on “proceed to checkout.”

Why does my coupon code discount not show?

Sometimes it is necessary to refresh the page to see the discount.

If I don’t refresh the page, will my discount coupon still work?

Yes, your final invoice will display the coupon discount.

Is it safe to use my credit card on your website?

Yes. We use PayGate as our payment gateway. Which means all your details remain private and protected.

Who is this PayGate?

PayGate is a specialist credit card payment services provider. They offer online, batch and point of sale payment services to help you get paid by your customers. They have a number of clients in many different industries and have been operating since 1996. And we all know how legit all things from the 90s are.

What about EFT as a payment method?

That’s perfectly fine. Just keep in mind that EFTs can take up to 3-5 working days to reflect in our account. We only ship your order once your payment reflects here. So if patience is a virtue you possess and your order is not too urgent, this method will work perfectly.

Do you have a Newsletter or a Wine Club?

Of course we do. Click on “Join us folk” on the home page and select your interests. We will then send you your very own tailor-made newsletter.

Do I pay for shipping?

Only if your order is under R500 and you are located in a regional zone.

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